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Male virility unbound. Eternal lust designed by and for the pleasure of his makers and their thirst to discover the secret to eternal life. Immortal Youth. All male. An incomparable Frankenstein creation without flaw. Parts melded by alchemy and science, infused and fed by sexual energies of lust and desire, wholly designed for pleasure. Who survives through the acts of pleasure, in all its many seductive forms. Yet a tortured soul who walks eternally alone, forever hungry, driven to hunt for his one, true perfect mate. That one person who can accept who and what he is. Someone who doesn't see him as a monster, but a man who only wants to love and to no longer be alone.

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Excerpt from a lost journal entry from Dr. Sheba Ransom's diary concerning the early efforts to locate a suitable mate for their creation.


June, 1944

Journal of Dr. Sheba Ransom

She was a young widow, recently bereaved when we first met her. A sad, little thing who needed some cheering up. She confided in me her desire for children, and her sadness that she had remained barren in her marriage. With her husband dead, she felt alone and lost. Much like Athan. Sweet and lovely. I had at first thought she would be perfect. But she was very fragile.

I invited Adele for tea about a month after we first met having come to the conclusion that she would potentially make a suitable mate. And that's when I formally introduced her to Athan. He was taken with her immediately -- I could see it in his expression. They sat and talked for hours in an alcove of the library. They seemed to share a common interest in classical poetry. There were rainy afternoons when they read to each other from the romantic works of Robert and Elizabeth Browning or shared the erotic prose of D. H. Lawrence. It was then the pretty blush would surface. She was a sweet thing. Maybe too sweet. Too innocent. Some butterflies simply aren't strong enough break free of their cocoons. I know the exact date when Athan first made love to her. I could see the raw passion glowing on her skin when she joined me for tea after a walk in the gardens with Athan.

"You like him," I said as I poured.

The rosy blush bathed her cheeks. "He is very nice."

After passing a cup to her, I leaned back in my chair to study her. "Do you want him, Adele? Could he make you happy?"

She looked at me with her large, innocent doe eyes. "He is very good to me."

"You don't know anything about him. Not really."

Her look was quiet and soft as she answered. "He makes me smile. It's something I never thought I would do again."

"And when he makes love to you?"

Her gaze widened as though she couldn't believe I had asked the question. "H-how did you know?"

"That you had been intimate with him?" I smiled. "It isn't so difficult to ascertain."

A knowing look came into her eyes as she returned my stare. "You're his lover-or you were. Of course, I should have guessed." It wasn't a question. She was obviously a more perceptive young woman than I had at first surmised.

I stirred my tea and then set the silver-plated spoon carefully in the saucer. I glanced up at her, trying to gauge her reaction...her shock. "Yes, Athan is our lover as well."

I saw her reach for words, attempting to grasp what I was trying to tell her. "Our lover?"

I nodded. "Me. And my husband." I lifted my jaw and caught her with a determined look. Either she was the right one or not. There would be others if she stood and ran like the little, frightened doe I thought she was. But I was in for another shock. There was the anticipated look of shock, followed by an interested, searing expression.

"I see. Do you love him?"

There was no need for me to think about my answer. "Yes, I do. And I wouldn't want to see him hurt."

Her attention turned to the cup of mint tea setting before her. "And if he falls in love with someone else? And wants to leave you?"

"He may very well fall in love, but he will never leave. The woman who loves him...truly loves him, will accept our way of life." I pressed her. "Adele, are you that woman?"

There was a long, pregnant pause. "You are asking me a difficult thing. I like Athan very much. What you suggest is not..." I saw her struggle for the words.

"Acceptable to society. I would feel like an outcast and if anyone found out, I would be treated as such."

"Well, society is not always acceptable to us. It's one of the reasons we chose this place." She had not immediately rejected my suggestion and this gave me pause to consider. It had been a long time since I had been intimate with a woman in our dalliances. I thought I might enjoy introducing this young woman to our special sexual pleasures.

She picked up her cup and took a sip of her tea. "I like Fall's Creek. As you say, it is secluded and quiet, very quaint. I never liked living in the cities when my husband was alive, but it was easier for him to find work."

"So you enjoy living here?"

She nodded. "Very much." She turned to look out the window and I saw the passion rise again. I turned, knowing what, or rather who, I would see. Athan worked over a new section of the garden quite close to where we sat. He had shed his shirt and sweat sheened his skin.

"He's an attractive man," I said.

"Yes, he is."

"He likes you, Adele. Very much. It is rare for him to take such an interest with his women as he has taken with you."

"I don't know what to say. I don't know how I feel about what you've shared with me today. My husband was my first lover. My only lover. Until Athan," she finished softly. "With Athan, everything is different. I didn't know it could be like that. I can't stop thinking about him."

She was primed, but would she accept the bold terms of her relationship with Athan? I sipped at my tea that had now grown tepid. "Reflect on what I've said. Take your time. This liaison is complicated, so consider carefully."

She nodded and then rose from her seat. "I have to be going."

I stood up as well. I stepped closer to her, lifting a hand to trace it down the length of her soft cheek. "Cornelius and I would welcome you into our family. If that should be your choice. I have enjoyed getting to know you. Athan likes you. And so do I."

She did not flinch away from my touch. She stood there for a long moment with my hand pressed against the curve of her tender, youthful flesh, her warm gaze opened and inquiring to me. And then she turned and left. I could still feel the warmth of her cheek against my palm.

I knew she would return. It was just a question of how long before she succumbed to her curiosity.

It was two weeks later, almost to the day, that Athan brought her to us on a moonless night sheathed in a rainstorm. I was sitting at my dressing table and had just completed the hundredth stroke with my brush. Cornelius sat in an armchair near the window, an imported cigar clutched between his lips, as he finished writing up some research notes.

I looked up as the door eased open and Athan stepped inside. We had been expecting him. But then he drew Adele behind him, looking nervous and ill at ease. "She wishes to join us," Athan said as he shrugged off his damp coat and then helped her with her own rain-drenched garment.

I rose from where I was sitting and walked to them, the hem of my sapphire negligee clinging to my legs, a welcoming expression on my face. It would be a delightful evening. I tilted her chin up with one finger so she was looking at me.

"Are you certain?" I asked softly. She returned my look with a hesitant, yet sultry, look that surprised me. I caught my breath at the tantalizing expression. She was frightened, yet she was most definitely aroused.

"I'm in love with Athan and he confirmed that he could, or would, never leave you. I have considered carefully." She lifted her chin. "I will do whatever it takes to be with him."

I nodded and drew her gently toward the bed where we sat. I held her smaller, delicate hands in my own. "We want you to enjoy your time with us."

Athan knelt at her feet and removed her shoes. Cornelius turned the light low, providing a soft ambient glow to the room. Adele looked up at him. "Don't you want to turn the light off?"

The sparkle in his eyes was full of intent. This was unexpected and I could tell he was pleased with what he saw. "We want to see you. And we want you to see us. There are no secrets here, Adele."


I slid a hand beneath her charcoal wool skirt, reached for the garters holding her stockings in place. I carefully unhooked each one. Athan helped her with her demure, light gray blouse. With the release of each tiny, pearl button a bit more of her enticing flesh was revealed. Cornelius bent down and reached for her stockings, smoothing his hands up her legs, to peel them down the length of each limb.

We were all touching her, exciting her with our presence and I could see our success in her dilated pupils. Her sweet lips were parted and I inhaled her scent of mint and arousal. I couldn't help myself and I leaned forward to claim the taste of her first excited breaths.

I felt her lift and knew Cornelius was divesting her of her underwear. I swallowed her gasp as his fingers explored her mound. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, tasting her youth and innocence in the ways of womanly exploration.

"I want to taste her." I heard my husband say.

I shrugged the robe from my shoulders and pulled her up onto the bed beside me. I was paying little attention to Athan and Cornelius, so wrapped up in the essence of Adele. I suckled at her lips, licked them and played her sweetly, gently. She began to respond, thrusting her own tongue into my mouth and I felt a burst of pleasure bloom in my pussy. The desire seeped onto my thighs.

"Oh, sweet God," she moaned as Cornelius spread her and dropped his head between her legs.

I ate her moan and her lips softened beneath my own as she became fully engaged in the lusty exploration of our attentions. Athan pulled up my nightgown and centered himself between my legs. I felt the thick head of his penis at my entrance and then he was inside me, thrusting. Adele broke our kiss and leaning up, curled her hand into his hair, forcing his head down to hers. Their lips sealed, muffling her cry of release as my husband supped at her orgasm. The sounds of our pleasure mingled with the musky scents of our arousal sent me over the edge quickly. And then I felt the vibrations of Athan's release as he pulsed in undulating waves of his climax.

He withdrew from inside me and retreated to the bathroom. Adele was still gasping for breath. Cornelius had removed the remainder of her clothing and now sucked at her pert, rosy nipples. The lust in her eyes had moved her far beyond the worry of acceptability by society.

Cornelius spread her legs. I handed him a pillow and he placed it beneath her hips, elevating her. He rose above her and plunged into her vagina.

"Oh my God! So deep, you've gone so deep," she cried as she arched up to meet him. I could almost feel her explosion as she came swiftly. And then Cornelius shuddered above her with his own release.

Athan returned with a set of wet washcloths and proceeded to bathe us. It was only the beginning to a long evening of passion.

As the sun rose, I lay next to Adele, Cornelius supporting her, as Athan thrust into her slick, sweet pussy. I played with her nipples as Athan gave her another shattering climax. Her eyes were glazed and I knew she had risen to a sensual level of utopia that kept her at the outer edge of satiation. She shuddered beneath him as he spilled his seed into her womb.

"You have reached my heart, Athan," she whispered.

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