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Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood by Adrianna Dane

Cover Art by

 Scott Carpenter

Katriel Saguna is heir to the House of Leah, descendant of an ancient predatory race once labeled bloodhunters. Centuries of vigilance have culminated in a guarded, civilized society able to trade peacefully with other worlds without fear of annihilation. Ingestion of blood is still a requirement for Sangorrians such as Katriel--dragon's blood being the main source for youth and unattached Sangorrians. Without it they would die.

The time has come for Katriel to bond with an offworlder--the Primary Alpha chosen by her mother. His will be the only human blood she will ingest. He will become her partner, her protector, her lover--and her source of life. Mating with him and consuming his human blood will also bring her into her full powers--something she desperately needs for her own protection, but loving him was not something she had anticipated.

But unexpected danger awaits on Ebonnia as a power-hungry, devious bloodsucker of another mutated species seeks to gain control and uses insidious methods to shackle the Sangorrian nature to his will. The civilized society Katriel has always known is about to be torn apart. Will Valyn be able to protect her or is he already too late?

Visit the Zytarri website.


Romantic Times BOOKreviews Top Pick

2006 DreamRealm Finalist - Erotica Category

2007 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee



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Excerpt from Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood:


 Leora again studied him silently for a long time. Slowly she rose to her feet and walked around the side of the desk. "Disrobe, please. I wish to confirm the replica was not altered concerning your suitability and lack of abnormalities."

He had known this was coming. A part of him rebelled at being ordered to disrobe before her, but he raised his hands and unbuttoned the brown robe, allowing it to drop to the floor at his feet. He then returned to the stance of respect and waited, focusing his attention on the window just past where Noah stood.

Leora walked toward him. He felt her assessing gaze as it roved over him and refused to let it shake him or respond to it.

She slowly circuited him, apparently studying him from every angle. She stopped to examine the long slashing wound on his arm, seemed to assess each bruise and cut, categorizing every nuance of his body.

Finally, she halted in front of him and nodded. "Your wounds are a reflection of your bravery. It is my opinion that you are well-suited as a mate for my daughter. Your conduct and bravery have already shown you will be a good protector. You may ..."

The door to her office burst open, interrupting her words.

"Mother, please ..." a frantic feminine voice spoke from behind him, then stopped abruptly.

Valyn, unashamed of his nakedness, turned his head to see who was there and was shocked to find himself staring into the startled gaze of his soon-to-be mate. She was everything he had remembered, and more so. Her long dark hair fell in dishevelment about her face, her breasts heaved with agitation, and her pale pink lips were rounded in apparent shock. But what surprised him most was the dilated dark smoky depths of her eyes. Darkened with what could only be lust.

She had eyes for no one else in the room once she saw him standing there. He saw tears pool within their depths, the startled recognition. "What is your name?" she whispered hoarsely.

He turned toward her, and her mouth gaped wider; her eyes dilated more intensely, and he saw her hands clench at her side.

"My name is Valyn, Lady. I have come for you as I vowed I would."

"Valyn," she repeated. Her small pink tongue licked at her succulent lips, tears trailing down her face. He felt his cock take on a life of its own. "You have come. It is truly you? How can this be?"

"I made you a promise, and it has led me to this path."

"Katri, you should not be here," her mother protested.

Katriel turned to look at her mother with panicked, glazed eyes. "I need him, Mother. How you found him, I do not know, but I need him desperately." She glanced back at him.

He took a step toward her and stopped, not wanting to frighten her. Instead, she stepped to where he waited. Valyn could smell her arousal as she neared him. He cupped her face and lowered his head. She closed her eyes and sighed as he dropped forward to capture her lips. Nothing and no one else in this room mattered. Only the woman who offered herself to him -- the woman he had yearned for all these years, and for whom he had prepared himself to take.

Had anything ever tasted as sweet, and had any woman felt like such absolute bliss? Deepening the kiss, she opened to him, and he felt her hands inch upward along his bare chest, felt a sharp prick as her nails dug into his flesh. Ah, sweet pain. Unlike the ache of battle, this intensity of feeling was far different. He wanted more, needed to feel her fangs piercing him as he sank his cock into her pussy.

Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he tasted her, grazed against her petite incisor and tasted his own blood as it filled her mouth. As though galvanized, she sucked, then sucked harder, opened her eyes wide, staring at him as his lifeblood spilled into her. She curled closer to his body, her nails digging deeper into his chest.

Yes, oh gods, yes. If only we were alone. It was not true pain he felt but an aching need to claim her, to burrow his cock deep inside her hot, tight channel. He wanted to feel her pulsing around him, clasping him, wanted --

He lifted his head to gaze down at her. She moaned, her claws retracted from his chest, and she collapsed in his arms, her eyelids fluttering closed. He caught her and lifted her into his arms, carrying her to the lounge chair he had seen upon entering the office.


Visit the Zytarri website for more information about the star system.


Reviews for Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood:

4-1/2 Stars, RT TOP PICK!! Readers will be blown away by this dark tale of love, betrayal and revenge. The highly detailed world is occupied by complex, sometimes violent species. This is one hot story, with passionate, erotic sex in many configurations. ...The secondary cast is just as fascinating and their back stories are intense. Dane knows how to keep the suspense building... --Gail Pruszkowski, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

... Wow. There are many layers to VIRGIN BLOOD, and as each layer is revealed, more is learned about the Sangorrian race and the individuals who populate the story. ... Danger is around every corner in VIRGIN BLOOD, and the lines quickly become blurred as the characters begin to realize that no one can be trusted. ... Dynamic characters, passionate love scenes, and thrilling adventure al combine into an exciting read... - Isabelle Spencer, RRT Erotic

5 Lips! ...I'll start by saying that Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood is a definite must-read. Adrianna Dane is a master at world building and what she's created with Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood is phenomenal. From the beginning, I was ensconced in a world full of valor, honor, love, and deep passion. Of ruling houses and evil entities focused on destruction. Of sadness and grief and the beauty of sacrifice. ...The way that Ms. Dane brings these characters to life is done so powerfully that you'll remember them for a long time to come. The end of Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood is just the beginning and will undoubtedly be an amazing new series from Adrianna Dane... --Kerin, TwoLips Reviews

5 Angels! Fantastic! Riveting! Are just two words that this reviewer can categorically say about this book. Ms. Dane has written a fabulous story filled with dragons and vampires and hot sex! ... This reviewer was overwhelmed with the story as a whole but I especially enjoyed the emotional gamut that Katriel went through during the course of this story. A spectacular job. --Laura, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Roses! Adrianna Dane is a strong and gifted storyteller I have learned over the years I have read her, but "Wow", she blew me away with this story. I loved vampire stories, but she changed the storyline for the better the way she portrayed her vampires and the world they live on. ... --Nicole, mybookcravings.com

4 Stars! In the first installment in the Zytarri series, Ms. Dane gives readers a look at an immensely complex world. ...The relationship between Katriel and Valyn is believable and richly developed. The sensuality between them sizzles, yet the sex scenes come about naturally and never feel forced or tacked-on. Maintaining that level of heat throughout is quite a challenge, but Ms. Dane does it beautifully. ...For a science fiction erotic romance of epic proportions sure to satisfy, look no further than Virgin Blood... --Claire Skye, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

...If you like futuristic Sci-fi fantasy with a gothic twist, dragons, vampires, soldiers of war, revenge, sex, poison, passionate lovers, rituals and a good old fashioned good vs evil story. This could be for you. ... The romance between Katriel and Valyn was very much what I hoped. What was so much more magnificent was the story between Katriel's mother Leora and her "sec" Noah. ... Ms. Dane kept me in suspense. ... I enjoyed the play on terminology. ... I'd definitely read the next book. More Please. --Marie, a reader (If you are not in Marie's friends network at myspace, you can read the text of the complete review at Adrianna Dane's Blog).

...Virgin Blood is story full of intense drama and is highly sexual charged. Ms. Dane has written a story rich in Sangorrian history with characters that leave you spellbound. Throughout this story emotions run high and love runs deep. This is a tale well worth spending time reading... --Candy Cay, Coffee Time Romance



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